Zero Covid Posters

On March 16, 2020, prime minister Mark Rutte announced that the Netherlands would choose for allowing the virus to spread in a ‘controlled’ manner, infecting healthy people first so that they could quickly build up herd immunity via natural infection. This strategy was heavily criticized by epidemiologists in the WHO as well as many other experts, and led to the Dutch government to disavow it. However, so-called containment efforts by the Netherlands were much looser and accepted a much higher number in infections than surrounding countries, leading many to suspect that the Dutch government never changed its original strategy.

In March 2021 I created a series of posters together with Thijs Vissia. The posters are aimed at spreading awareness of Zero Covid: a strategy for suppressing COVID-19 infections to as low (zero or almost zero) as possible. Originally made for a Dutch audience, the posters criticize the strategy chosen by the Dutch government, and point out what containment of the COVID-19 virus actually entails and offers alternative strategies to the one that is now currently accepted by the Dutch population.

These posters were distributed by Containment Nu, Geen Dor Hout, Scholen Veilig and can be downloaded from their websites. They were later also translated into many different languages and distributed by the Zero Covid Alliance. On April 10, 2021 – International Zero Covid Day – they briefly went viral and some posters could even be found in public spaces.

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