New Project: Singer Singer

After having finished Bon Voyage (which you can see here:, I’ve started on a new project with the working title Singer Singer. This new project is a twist on an older one, previously called Supply and Demand, and will be done using 3D animation. It’s an interesting new challenge, as I’m learning to use Blender after having switched from Maya. The film itself is (very) loosely inspired by the poem ‘Ode to the Singer’ (Huldegedicht aan de Singer) by Paul van Ostaijen. Here are some screenshots of the process:

I expect the film to be done this year, as I’m already very far with the models.

Hanse convention

Two months ago, I took on a job as animator/motion designer at Beeldtaal Filmmakers in Deventer, and I’ve been incredibly busy since then. I haven’t been able to work on the Rube Goldberg machine very much, so that’ll be something I’ll pick up again in the summer, when the pressure goes down and our clients go on holiday. In the meantime, here’s a film I made with Beeldtaal for the 2017 Hanse Convention in Kampen. It was shown today at the opening: